Brand development

Conventional advertising plus online communication

For more than 20 years, international, national and regional customers have had confidence in our brand strategies, communications plans and resulting marketing schemes. Conventional and billboard ads, spots that have repeatedly been awarded at advertising and film festivals, radio broadcastings and TV design, direct marketing, promotions and fairs are part of our scope of services.

But the future is online. The World Wide Web has provided countless hitherto undreamed-of possibilities in the field of communication: Content Management, Web 2.0, Corporate Blogs, Twitter, AdWords, Display-communication, SEO, Google Analytics, Social Media and CMS based services like newsletter marketing.

We excel in combining conventional communication skills with the conceptual and technical knowhow of online communication. This results in UVA being a distinguished interdisciplinary communication service provider in terms of brand development and brand management.

Please inquire about our briefing kit.

The briefing kit makes sure that every indispensable requirement for brand communication is being considered.

  • basic facts about the company
  • basic facts about the product
  • basic facts about the usage analysis
  • basic facts about the competition analysis
  • basic facts about the target group analysis
  • Further determining factors of advertising

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