Medical technology

Commercial tinnitus?
Healthy advertising – so that doctors, laboratories and hospitals do not stop buying medical technology.

Medical engineering companies need advertising but in regard to health issues it’s not the volume that counts. It’s more important to strike the right note on the proper channel.

Furthermore, when it comes to international amalgamations, where a special differentiated communication is necessary, we are reliable partner, no matter if we’re dealing with conventional advertising or online-marketing, sales promotion or medical fair, Sales-Folder or social media. We develop all-encompassing communication ideas so that doctors, laboratories and hospitals do not stop buying your products.

Please ask us for the appropriate focus group for medical engineers.

  • User: People who will have to work with medical technical products in the future
  • Decider: People, who decide the accpetance of tender due to their position of power
  • Gatekeeper: People, who manage communication in the buying department
  • Buyer: People, who chose suppliers and execute transactions
  • Buyer: More and more consumers unite in buying collectives in order to bargain better terms.
  • Influencer: People, who are not directly involved in the buying process but exert (informal) influence on a purchase