Brand dementia?
Hospital Marketing – So that patients, admitters and benefactors do not forget your brand.

Every hospital is also a brand. Ever since the competition for patients, admitters and benefactors has been clamouring with unfamiliar fierceness, it is the more important to strengthen the brand core of the hospital with every contact.

When it comes to health issues, which particularly demand an extra sensitive handling, a trustworthy brand is the best recipe.

We devise strong clinical brands for individual facilities and whole hospital corporations, no matter if they are communally or privately owned so that patients, admitters and benefactors do not forget your brand.

Additional information about UVA‘s clinic marketing in following publications:

Yearbook Healthcare Marketing 2012

Already had a “like“ today? Best Pratice MEDIAN hospitals (pages 96 to 100)

  • The role of new media in hospital marketing using the example of MEDIAN hospitals
  • The home page as centre of all networking
  • Online marketing needs technical knowhow and empathy
  • Online marketing is trust-based work
  • Online marketing is billable
  • SEO, Google AdWords and Google Displays
  • Social media of the MEDIAN hospitals
  • MEDIAN hospitals on Wikipedia
  • MEDIAN hospitals on YouTube
  • Mobile marketing with the MEDIAN Jobs app
  • MEDIAN hospitals on Facebook
  • Social media in the marketing mix – an intern communication assignment

Hospital Marketing: a sign post from the medical perspective

(pages 98 to 111)

  • Why the importance of viral marketing is increasing
  • Viral communication is more than YouTube and Clipfish
  • The scientific background of viral marketing
  • Viral communication is recommendation-marketing
  • The effectiveness of viral communication
  • The viruses for hospital marketing
  • The carriers for hospital marketing
  • The electronic media for hospital marketing