Health Marketing

Health marketing means soliciting for confidence

Pharmaceutical and medical companies have always been advertising whereas hospitals just recently discovered the so called Health Marketing.

Even though many companies have shifted more and more activities to digital channels, brand essence (core), brand vision and brand values need to be born in mind.

This is our demand when we develop and transact communication ideas concerning Health Marketing for globally working medical technology producers and pharmaceutical companies, nationwide operating clinic companies as well as physicians, practices and food makers.

A Dozen Falsities Concerning Health Marketing

  • Quality reports are the most important thing for clinic marketing.
  • The World Wide Web is just an additional medium for Health Marketing.
  • With medicine it’s the best price that wins in the long run.
  • Doctors and hospitals must not gamble away the patients‘confidence with advertising.
  • When it comes to medicine patients solely trust their own general practitioner.
  • One cannot control the risks and side effects of the World Wide Web.
  • Medical services are always comparable.
  • Hospitals are no proprietary articles.
  • Health applications are nothing but hype.
  • Prescribing and admitting doctors always act rationally.
  • Facebook’s „like button“ is an indicator for how strongly patients are bound to their doctors.
  • You’re on the safe side if you don’t participate in social networks.

Please discuss the future of Health Marketing with us und let us find adequate solutions together.