Quick briefing
Responsible contacts including direct dial and email  
Project period  
Deadline > delivery of the complete final product  
Budget frame (if existent)  
What is the (strategic) purpose of the project?  
What is the communicative aim?  
How is the offer, brand or service positioned at the moment?  
Please describe the target group(s) (end users and mediators) the measure is aimed at.  
What kind of new target groups are to be reached?  
What is the current attitude of the target groups towards the respective offer, measure, goods and services, brand etc.?  
Which specific alterations regarding the attitute of the target groups are to be reached with the measure?  
What use is the measure for the target groups?  
How can this benefit be justified?  
What competition is there for our offer?  
Desired consumer’s reaction? (primary, secondary or short and long term)  
- Are there positive examples for a similar project?
- Are useful digital data from an identical project available?
- Are additional measures regarding the same project possible? (e.g. PowerPoint presentations or active PDF’s?)
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Delivery address  

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