Brand Management

Benefit and attributes of brands

The most promising strategy in supporting a human decision for a product, company or service is a communicative implementation of brands offering a simple orientation.

Brand communication means: in communication complex correlations are represented in a simplified way. Relevant data and a distinct positioning are defined for brands in order to educe simple verbal and visual brand messages. Logo and claim function as agglomeration of all this information.

A stringent brand management requires expert knowledge as well as an empathic implementation within the company. We have the latest findings in psychology and brain research at our disposal so that we can reach the recipients not only on a rational level but turn them into brand-fans via emotional triggers.

Please ask us about attributes and benefits of brands.

Rational attributes: What are the nature and state of the brand?

  • Function
  • Quality
  • Price

Rational benefit: Which benefit does the brand offer?

  • Functional benefit
  • Relational benefit

Emotional benefit: How do I feel during usage and what does the brand say about me?

  • Needs
  • Image through usage

Emotional attributes: What is the brand’s personality?

  • Claim
  • Association
  • Image